Wednesday, November 24, 2010

F21 Minnie Muse Haul

Yesterday, I hurried all across town trying to find the new Minnie Muse collection as most of the stuff was already sold out at my nearest f21 and the one downtown. 
Disappointed, but not giving up, I called the next nearest f21 which was around half an hour away at Vaughn Mills, and went there in the evening.
To my surprise, there were even things exclusive on the US website!
Everything is so adorable and comfortable and grey~ I love it!

They only had this in large and it doesn't look that great so I might consider returning this one.
This is my favourite item that was exclusive to the US! <3 Love the print and the bagginess of it. Super cute.
Love the color and the print again!
More casual but cute nonetheless. x)
Very loose-fitted and comfy; looks great with tights.
I swear this was the most popular thing. At the first store I went to where they only had one last one on display, I saw at least 10 girls ask an employee for this. This was the last small one at Vaughn Mills!
I'm starting to hate wearing jeans now so these will help a long way (:
These were the second most popular item there as I watched the girls hoard over the display haha. They really look amazing though!
Last ring in gold but in size 7... fits on my ring+pinky but a little struggle to take off on the middle+ring finger x)

Anyway, after Friday, there are no more assignments and classes!
My final exam for human anatomy is on Dec 10 but that's in a while.
Gonna get back to work~ Hope to blog more soon!

I also got this poodle necklace which I'm in loveee with~ The legs move and everything!
And the nail polish that's chipping off is the new OPI Burlesque collection in gold x)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Call me a whore.

A Revlon whore. :D

Now all the products on my face are from Revlon Colorstay.
After buying the foundation, press powder, and eyeliners, I loved it and knew I had to have the whole collection!
Here are all the products~

<1> Makeup SoftFlex SPF 15 Normal/Dry Skin (110 Ivory)
<2> Makeup SoftFlex SPF 6 Combination/Oily Skin (110 Ivory)
<3> Pressed Powder (Light)
<4> Mineral Finishing Powder (010 Brighten)
<5> 12 Hour Eye Shadow (05 Blushed Wines)

<6> Under Eye Concealer SPF 15 (Fair)
<7> Liquid Liner (Blackest Black)
<8> Eyeliner (Black)
<9> Mineral Lipglaze (525 Continuous Pink)
<10> Brow Enhancer (1 Blonde/ 2 Gold)
<11> Blemish Concealer (Fair)

This is my current everyday look done with all the products I just listed.
(Sorry the photo is so bad. My room has terrible lighting.)
I'll go more detailed into each product in later posts~
On a side note, I just finished playing Portal, awaiting the release of Portal 2!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Back from Hong Kong

I'm back!!

I went on a trip to Hong Kong right after my exams ended and came back for around two weeks. Been busy and haven't cleaned up all the stuff I bought yet.
Hong Kong really is beautiful and I wish I could've stayed longer... but I'll save up and head back when I graduate!

I spent around 3500HKD which is around CDN$450.
Around 1000HKD on my boyfriend and his family. And maybe 1000HKD on Disneyland merchandise!
The rest was spent on clothes, jewelry, and shoes found in random little stores of Mong Kok, my favourite shopping area!
Been to SOHO and many other places as my aunt brought me to many shopping destinations.
I will blog more about this later along with photos!

So here is my updated make-up look!
I've been really working hard on it for the pass 2 months!
Trying to perfect the look, gradually lowering my eyebrows, and making the fake lashes look better.
(Before pictures available upon request d:)
I'm really proud of my improvements so far, but tell me what you think!
I love the nail color, painted at my friend's house. It's called "Mint Candy Apple."

I will blog more soon, I promise!
Leave a comment about what you think about my make-up!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Movie

Watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on Tuesday.
At first, me and my boyfriend were pissed off at the low ratings it received on, but after watching the film, we understood why.
This movie is definitely over-rated... too much hype with the events, trailers, advertisements, and even collaborations with Urban Decay and OPI.
Don't get me wrong! I truly love Alice in Wonderland and I love Tim Burton...
He just didn't do a great job on this...
With 1 hour and 48 minutes, character development was terrible... most scenes were useless and rushed... and random. Very predictable and no emotional connection... 
However, the set, costumes, make-up, theme, and everything else (besides plot and character development) was incredible (: 
It even earned more money than avatar in the box office the first weekend it was released... due to all the hype. Either way, it was worth a watch (for discount Tuesday movie tickets).
And I kinda wanna get the dvd for it... just for the costumes and make-up (:

Oh and of course, I decided to do something special for the occasion (:

Disney's original Cheshire Cat inspired nails. Also purple and pink eyeshadow. With hot pink outfit d:

I also got the Alice in Wonderland OPI nail polish set.

Mad as a Hatter was sold out! It's such a gorgeous colour! 
And the other colours are easily found elsewhere... so I got the set instead of each nail polish.
Also because of the packaging~ and to complete my Alice in Wonderland cosmetic set!

Haha I swear to god, I'm never using these!

Also got these adorable Nightmare before Christmas salt and pepper shakers (:
See I told you I love Tim Burton d:

Besides that, I have a lot to do for school...

Illustrated Letter (March 12)
Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography (March 12)
Personal Logo Design (March 16)
Final Critical Response (March 19)
Final Essay (Mar 29)
Research Essay (April 9)

Rewrite Description Essay (ASAP)
Rewrite Analytical Essay (ASAP)
Wine Article Illustration (ASAP)
Italian Restaurant Illustration (ASAP)

So have any of you watched the Alice in Wonderland movie yet?
If you did, what did you think of it?
If not, are you planning to see it or not?

That's it for today (: And I'll be doing a review on Dark and Lovely hair dye.
A brand I found in Wal-mart~ made for dark/black hair~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Had mid-terms on Monday~ and have a big assignment due Friday!
Should get started...
And look what came in the mail (:


First up is... my acrylic nail set~

From left to right:
nail forms, white acrylic powder, pink acrylic powder, clear acrylic powder, dappen dish, brush, acrylic liquid.

I was so happy with them... but they smell so bad! 
Need to find something to wear to block out the smell >.>

Next were 500 clear nail tips

All of them are too big for me... so I have to spend a lot of time filing those down ):

Then came the pack of glitter!

Disappointed me a little because I thought it would be bigger...
but nonetheless, the colours are gorgeous (:

And last but not least, the fimo sticks~

They're sooo cute! I can't wait to use them~

Also went shopping after class and bought these. 
Good thing they were on sale too!

As soon as I received the acrylic set in the mail, I decided to try them out.

It took me a long time to do them and if you look closely, the quality is terrible!
It's my first time though so I think it's pretty good (:
I will improve for sure!
And don't really know why I chose green but it's March and spring and St. Patrick's day?
So I guess it works out~
What do you guys think about them?

Also it had been confirmed that my trip to Hong Kong will be from May 4th to May 31st!
I can't wait (: That's 9 weeks~
I still gotta lose this weight... >.> Not funny anymore. Well, it never was.

Alice in Wonderland movie is coming this Friday!
Although I don't expect to see it as it premieres that day... will have too much people.
Might just watch it on Tuesday on me and Andrew's anniversary~
Since we both love Alice so much ♥

How about you guys?
Planning on watching Alice in Wonderland?
Been fans of the book or Disney movie?
Or even Tim Burton?

I am going to do my homework! (: Update later~~ And Happy March!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Revlon vs. Sephora liquid eyeliner review

Went to Walmart today for some stuff~

Kiss Brush-On Nail Glue
REVLON ColorStay Liquid Liner
REVLON ColorStay Eyeliner
Martha Stewart Holidays heart glitter

Brush-On glue for when my nail-tips come.
Also heard really good reviews about Revlon ColorStay products so decided to give them a try.
Also since I've been raping the last of my pencil eyeliners.
And Martha Stewart's gorgeous heart glitter.
Man, I love after-Valentine's sale. They only had one left too!

Oh, and a Bead Storage System for mixing my acrylic powder with glitter when they come in the mail (:

Aw look at the pink tabs!

So I decided to do a comparison for you guys! (:


By the way, I've been using Sephora's shimmering black liquid liner for about a year now.
The first bottle seemed to work best for me.
So that always brings me back and I'm on my third bottle right now.
But really, the eyeliner runs off like mad once in contact with water.
It easily washes off when I'm taking off my make-up and when my eyes get watery, I need to reapply.
Terrible when my allergies are acting up.
It also gets chunky around 12 hours after application on my way home from school.

The black-ness of it might be taken away from the fact that it's shimmery though.
I'm gonna miss it... haha.

Too bad they don't have REVLON in shimmer though...
I like glittery things. :P

And well, from the pictures, you could tell I'm really excited to try REVLON tomorrow.

Yummy yummy in my tummy~

And I have mid-terms on Monday when reading week ends...
Which reminds me... I should get to studying now. (:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

Sorry for not updating for so long!
School was keeping me busy, but it's finally Reading Week!
Which means I get a week of no school and I spent the first day of it waking up late and playing Kingdom Hearts...

Valentine's Day!!
I got my boyfriend two boxes of chocolates from Laura Secord
and... Bioshock 2 Special Edition! It comes with the original game, a vinyl record of the soundtrack, the soundtrack on CD, 3 posters, and a BEAUTIFUL art book all contained into a sturdy sexy box.

I hardly get to shop by myself since I'm with him everytime we go downtown for school.
So I had to lie to him and say I needed to go to the washroom.
Ran down a block to BestBuy and got the last one in stock!
I had a hard time convincing him not to get it for himself too. d:

He got me Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows!
And a very sweet card which he photoshopped and made himself that I absolutely love to death.
It's so touching and kinda makes me cry, but out of joy. (:

So here's the Book of Shadows~

Full pop-up with slide-out palette.

Pop-up details.


It cost him $150 for it... I feel really bad but I will cherish this palette till the end of time!
It's the most beautiful thing in the world! And the price is just going to keep on increasing!
Except if Urban Decay decides to reproduce it...

I've bought a lot of stuff this month so I'll update with a haul entry later. (:
Right now, I gotta clean my room.
It's a total mess since I haven't had any time to clean it for the past two weeks.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bronchitis again!

After class yesterday, felt sick... thought it was because of fasting but woke up with a terrible sore throat and stuffy nose and headaches. Fever was at 37.8 this morning. And just now...

._. I feel terrible. Thing is I also have a lot of assignments due on Friday. So I gotta finish them all tomorrow... It was pretty outside when I woke up though~

So I went to see the doctor... and apparently I've got bronchitis again for the second time this year... Got some antibiotics, Apo-Clarithromycin. I've been getting prescribed so many antibiotics, at this rate when I reach 20, I'll be immune to them D:

And the doctor's clinic was at a mall so I just picked up a little something~

Five Mickey Mouse folders~

And a Playboy pillow. (;

So things I gotta do tomorrow: critical response, 10 photoshopped collages, rough sketches for italian restaurant, cd cover using in-class life-drawing pictures.
Agh my head is hot and my hands are freezing cold.

Found this Starling rose print hoodie from Craigslist! It's so cute! Still contacting seller (:

Oh I lost 5 pounds since last week!
Need to lose 20 more pounds before May; trip to Hong Kong!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bye Bye January

Tomorrow's February (: The month of pink and red and white and <3
So I have an allergic reaction on my eye. ): I went to the doctors for a cream this morning. 
Prednicarbate emollient cream 0.1%
Topical corticosteroid
I have no clue what that meant... but it had the word steroid in it! AH!

So this is my Motorola KRZR which I got around last year... and the jewels are starting to fall off at the top end. I need to replace it... but can't find anything as pretty as this purple pattern.
I've become attached too... don't know if I should let it go or not. >.>

I got my bluetooth last week and this was the most inexpensive model they had. It was black and depressing and since it camouflages into my hair, people look at me thinking I talk to myself. So I decided to decorate it.

Went to bf's house yesterday to do our assignments and other things, hehe.

Here's his cute puppy: Cookie! He needs a hair cut haha.

And his sister came home last night from her bf's house with a 6 week old girl puppy! SO cute. She's a mix between Golden Retriever and Poodle <3 Cookie was so jealous of the attention we gave her.

And to end the night, my bf bought Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition.
Yes, those last two blue properties belong to me, haha. Unfortunately... he's a beast at monopoly and hotel street raped me.

And just got my paycheck for teaching Japanese this month!
Not much but at least compensated for my splurge at Disney Store, haha.
Back to work!