Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Revlon vs. Sephora liquid eyeliner review

Went to Walmart today for some stuff~

Kiss Brush-On Nail Glue
REVLON ColorStay Liquid Liner
REVLON ColorStay Eyeliner
Martha Stewart Holidays heart glitter

Brush-On glue for when my nail-tips come.
Also heard really good reviews about Revlon ColorStay products so decided to give them a try.
Also since I've been raping the last of my pencil eyeliners.
And Martha Stewart's gorgeous heart glitter.
Man, I love after-Valentine's sale. They only had one left too!

Oh, and a Bead Storage System for mixing my acrylic powder with glitter when they come in the mail (:

Aw look at the pink tabs!

So I decided to do a comparison for you guys! (:


By the way, I've been using Sephora's shimmering black liquid liner for about a year now.
The first bottle seemed to work best for me.
So that always brings me back and I'm on my third bottle right now.
But really, the eyeliner runs off like mad once in contact with water.
It easily washes off when I'm taking off my make-up and when my eyes get watery, I need to reapply.
Terrible when my allergies are acting up.
It also gets chunky around 12 hours after application on my way home from school.

The black-ness of it might be taken away from the fact that it's shimmery though.
I'm gonna miss it... haha.

Too bad they don't have REVLON in shimmer though...
I like glittery things. :P

And well, from the pictures, you could tell I'm really excited to try REVLON tomorrow.

Yummy yummy in my tummy~

And I have mid-terms on Monday when reading week ends...
Which reminds me... I should get to studying now. (:


MOCOKO said...


is the martha stewart glitter like the jelly stuff for your skin? or nails? or.. crafts? OMG, I'M CONFUSED.

also, THANK YOU FOR THE EYELINER COMPARISON. i'm actually using the sephora liner after randomly finding it in an old purse [see?! i have WAY too much makeup]. i love it, but after seeing the revlon's staying power, i'm definitely switching. how'd the brush, though? is it like sephora's?

[i know what you mean about the runny-ness of the sephora liner too.. oh man.]

sorry, this comment was SO LONG. hahaha.

minniekay said...

lol the martha stewart glitter is just decorative glitter :3
i'm gonna use it for my nails haha
but putting hearts onto ur eye make-up would be cute too d:

the brush is kinda the same. well it's brand new right now so it's super pointed.
definitely pointier than my sephora one but that's a few months old