Wednesday, November 24, 2010

F21 Minnie Muse Haul

Yesterday, I hurried all across town trying to find the new Minnie Muse collection as most of the stuff was already sold out at my nearest f21 and the one downtown. 
Disappointed, but not giving up, I called the next nearest f21 which was around half an hour away at Vaughn Mills, and went there in the evening.
To my surprise, there were even things exclusive on the US website!
Everything is so adorable and comfortable and grey~ I love it!

They only had this in large and it doesn't look that great so I might consider returning this one.
This is my favourite item that was exclusive to the US! <3 Love the print and the bagginess of it. Super cute.
Love the color and the print again!
More casual but cute nonetheless. x)
Very loose-fitted and comfy; looks great with tights.
I swear this was the most popular thing. At the first store I went to where they only had one last one on display, I saw at least 10 girls ask an employee for this. This was the last small one at Vaughn Mills!
I'm starting to hate wearing jeans now so these will help a long way (:
These were the second most popular item there as I watched the girls hoard over the display haha. They really look amazing though!
Last ring in gold but in size 7... fits on my ring+pinky but a little struggle to take off on the middle+ring finger x)

Anyway, after Friday, there are no more assignments and classes!
My final exam for human anatomy is on Dec 10 but that's in a while.
Gonna get back to work~ Hope to blog more soon!

I also got this poodle necklace which I'm in loveee with~ The legs move and everything!
And the nail polish that's chipping off is the new OPI Burlesque collection in gold x)