Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bye Bye January

Tomorrow's February (: The month of pink and red and white and <3
So I have an allergic reaction on my eye. ): I went to the doctors for a cream this morning. 
Prednicarbate emollient cream 0.1%
Topical corticosteroid
I have no clue what that meant... but it had the word steroid in it! AH!

So this is my Motorola KRZR which I got around last year... and the jewels are starting to fall off at the top end. I need to replace it... but can't find anything as pretty as this purple pattern.
I've become attached too... don't know if I should let it go or not. >.>

I got my bluetooth last week and this was the most inexpensive model they had. It was black and depressing and since it camouflages into my hair, people look at me thinking I talk to myself. So I decided to decorate it.

Went to bf's house yesterday to do our assignments and other things, hehe.

Here's his cute puppy: Cookie! He needs a hair cut haha.

And his sister came home last night from her bf's house with a 6 week old girl puppy! SO cute. She's a mix between Golden Retriever and Poodle <3 Cookie was so jealous of the attention we gave her.

And to end the night, my bf bought Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition.
Yes, those last two blue properties belong to me, haha. Unfortunately... he's a beast at monopoly and hotel street raped me.

And just got my paycheck for teaching Japanese this month!
Not much but at least compensated for my splurge at Disney Store, haha.
Back to work!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going back to Hong Kong

So it's official! My mom is ordering tickets for my family to go back to Hong Kong after school ends in late April or early May. I don't want to talk to her about it right now because I was against the trip.

I initially planned my full four months of summer to consist of full-time working and losing weight while spending the weekends with my boyfriend. So I kept telling my mom I didn't want to go... Well that's too bad for me now!

I will just resume my plans for when I get back... but I want to lose at least 20 lbs before I go back. Think of all the tiny clothes I could fit into! Bleh... After I finish posting, I really should get back to finishing my essay and developing all my concepts and sketches for my two major assignments.

So my brother came home for the weekend and when he does, we have to go to Walmart to pick up supplies for him. On our way out of there, I saw Maybelline's new EYESTUDIO line and decided to pick one up. It was approximately $10 CAD if I remember correctly... The palette I bought (photo above) is "05 GIVE ME GOLD."

Now I'm a pretty big fan of Maybelline... I use their Mineral Power foundation everyday and have some random lipsticks and mascaras from them (rarely use though). I've used this palette twice so far... Personally for me, the second colour, the bright yellow-ish gold is too much for me. Maybe I should've spent more than 2 seconds when I passed by the display case to actually look at other palettes. By the way, here is the commercial/tutorial for it. Seems pretty simple and great effect, right?

Four simple steps to stunning~ Definitely. But the pigment of the shadows don't satisfy me. You probably have to dig deep into the shadows to get what is shown in the commercial. Maybe it's just me though. I've read some reviews that it's really well-pigmented. However, I'm still going to keep testing this out for a while longer. I tried following the steps in the commercial but my eyes don't look like the asian models. By the way, I've only applied them with an eyeshadow brush and not the applicator it comes with so I will be sure to try that.

Made a pretty fruit arrangement for Minnie. Nomnomnom.
I'm going to finish my work for tomorrow now. Bye~