Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Had mid-terms on Monday~ and have a big assignment due Friday!
Should get started...
And look what came in the mail (:


First up is... my acrylic nail set~

From left to right:
nail forms, white acrylic powder, pink acrylic powder, clear acrylic powder, dappen dish, brush, acrylic liquid.

I was so happy with them... but they smell so bad! 
Need to find something to wear to block out the smell >.>

Next were 500 clear nail tips

All of them are too big for me... so I have to spend a lot of time filing those down ):

Then came the pack of glitter!

Disappointed me a little because I thought it would be bigger...
but nonetheless, the colours are gorgeous (:

And last but not least, the fimo sticks~

They're sooo cute! I can't wait to use them~

Also went shopping after class and bought these. 
Good thing they were on sale too!

As soon as I received the acrylic set in the mail, I decided to try them out.

It took me a long time to do them and if you look closely, the quality is terrible!
It's my first time though so I think it's pretty good (:
I will improve for sure!
And don't really know why I chose green but it's March and spring and St. Patrick's day?
So I guess it works out~
What do you guys think about them?

Also it had been confirmed that my trip to Hong Kong will be from May 4th to May 31st!
I can't wait (: That's 9 weeks~
I still gotta lose this weight... >.> Not funny anymore. Well, it never was.

Alice in Wonderland movie is coming this Friday!
Although I don't expect to see it as it premieres that day... will have too much people.
Might just watch it on Tuesday on me and Andrew's anniversary~
Since we both love Alice so much ♥

How about you guys?
Planning on watching Alice in Wonderland?
Been fans of the book or Disney movie?
Or even Tim Burton?

I am going to do my homework! (: Update later~~ And Happy March!


Keely Valentine said...

they look amazing! i want to learn to do my nails soo bad! how long did it take you to do?

Sanna said...

I love these green nails! I wanna try to make acrylic nails too someday! =) My nails are so short without any help XD