Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Movie

Watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on Tuesday.
At first, me and my boyfriend were pissed off at the low ratings it received on, but after watching the film, we understood why.
This movie is definitely over-rated... too much hype with the events, trailers, advertisements, and even collaborations with Urban Decay and OPI.
Don't get me wrong! I truly love Alice in Wonderland and I love Tim Burton...
He just didn't do a great job on this...
With 1 hour and 48 minutes, character development was terrible... most scenes were useless and rushed... and random. Very predictable and no emotional connection... 
However, the set, costumes, make-up, theme, and everything else (besides plot and character development) was incredible (: 
It even earned more money than avatar in the box office the first weekend it was released... due to all the hype. Either way, it was worth a watch (for discount Tuesday movie tickets).
And I kinda wanna get the dvd for it... just for the costumes and make-up (:

Oh and of course, I decided to do something special for the occasion (:

Disney's original Cheshire Cat inspired nails. Also purple and pink eyeshadow. With hot pink outfit d:

I also got the Alice in Wonderland OPI nail polish set.

Mad as a Hatter was sold out! It's such a gorgeous colour! 
And the other colours are easily found elsewhere... so I got the set instead of each nail polish.
Also because of the packaging~ and to complete my Alice in Wonderland cosmetic set!

Haha I swear to god, I'm never using these!

Also got these adorable Nightmare before Christmas salt and pepper shakers (:
See I told you I love Tim Burton d:

Besides that, I have a lot to do for school...

Illustrated Letter (March 12)
Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography (March 12)
Personal Logo Design (March 16)
Final Critical Response (March 19)
Final Essay (Mar 29)
Research Essay (April 9)

Rewrite Description Essay (ASAP)
Rewrite Analytical Essay (ASAP)
Wine Article Illustration (ASAP)
Italian Restaurant Illustration (ASAP)

So have any of you watched the Alice in Wonderland movie yet?
If you did, what did you think of it?
If not, are you planning to see it or not?

That's it for today (: And I'll be doing a review on Dark and Lovely hair dye.
A brand I found in Wal-mart~ made for dark/black hair~


MOCOKO said...

my boy's taking me to alice tonight!
i know what you mean by how hyped it was, though. i haven't even seen it yet and i already feel that way about it. i think that's the main reason i'm not UBER excited for it despite the fact that i LOVE ALICE and everything about it.

oh well, it'll be a good show nontheless.

did you see it in 3D?

OMG, i've seen those nailpolishes! i didn't know they came in a boxset, though. ahhhh. must purchase. i was actually gonna get 'mad as a hatter' too! but it was like, fifteen bucks so i was like.. MAYBE LATER.

you're gonna dye your hair copper? awesome!

Keely Valentine said...

i lovee your nails!

Hyuna said...

I didn't get to see Alice in was alittle overhyped but I love Johnny Depp :) cute nail polish set though!