Friday, June 18, 2010

Back from Hong Kong

I'm back!!

I went on a trip to Hong Kong right after my exams ended and came back for around two weeks. Been busy and haven't cleaned up all the stuff I bought yet.
Hong Kong really is beautiful and I wish I could've stayed longer... but I'll save up and head back when I graduate!

I spent around 3500HKD which is around CDN$450.
Around 1000HKD on my boyfriend and his family. And maybe 1000HKD on Disneyland merchandise!
The rest was spent on clothes, jewelry, and shoes found in random little stores of Mong Kok, my favourite shopping area!
Been to SOHO and many other places as my aunt brought me to many shopping destinations.
I will blog more about this later along with photos!

So here is my updated make-up look!
I've been really working hard on it for the pass 2 months!
Trying to perfect the look, gradually lowering my eyebrows, and making the fake lashes look better.
(Before pictures available upon request d:)
I'm really proud of my improvements so far, but tell me what you think!
I love the nail color, painted at my friend's house. It's called "Mint Candy Apple."

I will blog more soon, I promise!
Leave a comment about what you think about my make-up!


Mimi said...

I love your eye makeup!!
The nails are amazing!!!!
I love mint! xxxx

Anonymous said...

You look adorable! And I love your nail color :)

Mitsu said...

Great nail polish ♡ Love your cheek color ♥

Kanako_ageha said...

awwww I think your make-up looks really great! Sooo cute! Really! ♥

~Ai said...

Love the make up could you do a tutorial?Please :D

Sanna said...

Oh my you look so gorgeous! I love your eyes !
And the nail polish is so cute!